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Slash Aero (V3)

The range’s versatility weapon inherits of the powered-up flight thanks to the light and rigid frame.

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590,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

The range’s versatility weapon inherits of the powered-up flight thanks to the light and rigid frame.
The result is bluffing by its explodability : as a scalpel the Slash Aero carves in the slightest breath of air. 
Its behaviour is right, clean and applies to lovers of incisive and reactive flight path. 
Pushing tricks forward in their fluctuations and perfection, working his shrewdness and patience, that’s 
the ultimate challenge to take on

“Style is matter of speed and control. Be part of it!”

Slash Aero and Hybrid come with Version 2.1 : top cross’ position lowered, shortened bridle, mono whisker 
G-tech 3mm.

Wingspan : 237 cm / Height : 102.5 cm
Poids: NC
Optimal windrange : 8 à 25 Km/h
Sail : Icarex® PC31gr/m2 + Monofilm
Bridles : 3 points "Y" version 2
Ballast : 15grs

Aero frame
Lower spreaders + Leading Edge + Spine : Aero Stuff Gold S
Stand-offs : mono G-tech 3mm
3 originals Aero Stuff ferules

Hybrid frame
Lower spreaders : Aero Stuff Gold S
Leading edge : Skyshark® Nitro Std
Spine : Skyshark® Nitro Std
Stand offs : mono G-tech 3mm
1 originals Aero Stuff ferules

Adjustable Central T

Gytech Wind Absorber
Auto-Brakable Winglet