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Double Zero

Developped by Grégory Reynes, the Double Zero is an indoor kite that will make indoor more popular than ever! 00 Beaufort.

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260,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

The indoor freestyler
Grégory Reynes is the pilot we should thank for the birth of Double Zero. Grégory was National Champion in category "individual / 2 lines" (with a Masque, in 2000) then in category "individual 4 lines". Grégory is now on the way to become a master in category "indoor". Because he always wants the best, he has thought, conceived and adjusted the Double Zero - with the collaboration of Ramlal TIEN (design). The result is a freestyle bomb for high ceilings, a machine with smart innovations which promises to make indoor more popular than ever!


Wingspan: 195 cm
Wind range: 0 to 1 Bft
Sail: Icarex® + Mylar®
Bridle: 3 points
Spreaders: P90
Leading edge and top cross: 4 mm carbon
Spine: P90
Standoff: microrod AVIA® 3 mm
A.P.A.® connectors
EXEL® split nocks
UL yo-yo stoppers and cover system by l'Atelier
The 6 mm spine acts as a ballast