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Designed for an easy access, this kite is suitable for moderate level pilots who want to improve as well as for Top Gun pilots seeking new challenges.

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245,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

“Developing existing concepts, refining the pilot/machine connexion, opening the way to the most”

That’s the tracks we followed during Curve’s development : the new “freestyle” spearhead signed by L’Atelier.
Designed for an easy access, this kite is suitable for moderate level pilots who want to improve as well as for Top Gun pilots seeking new challenges.
Medium-sized, the Curve focuses on a clean flight. Really at ease during intrados evolutions thanks to its 3D spine : Axel, Slot Machine, Taz and 540 are mere formalities !

Adapt the kite according to your level with its various frame options :
P300/6mm (P6) for suppleness and lightness, the machine takes off by the lower traction in the lines. Easy to carve, very at ease in a more settled wind.
Full 5pt (PT) for rigidity and inertia, the unrestrained Curve’s version goes for a freestyle without boundaries! King of the Crazy-Copter with 2 turns 1⁄2, a true boomerang in intrados rotations with its Fade’s endings in full 540 and others Double Taz ! The Curve Full 5pt excels by its sensations and dynamism. It is controlled in a reactive way as well as by shrewdness. An incredibly sane behaviour including in moderates and strong winds.
This is the version which offers to its pilot the feeling of flying in the edge.
Without control freestyle is nothing so, the Curve benefits from the last innovations regarding to sliding and stability : Gytech wind absorber, separated bridle from spreaders and minimum ballast for a sane and balanced flight.

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Wingspan 234cm
Height: 99cm
Weight: P6 NC / PT NC
Maximum depth : 28cm
Optimal windrange : 8 à 20km/h
Recommanded lines : 40 à 70kg / 30 à 37m
Sail : Icarex PC31 / Mylar / Chikara
Frame :  
P6 / Skyshark P300 on lower spreaders + 6mm on leading edge, spine et top cross                     
PT / Skyshark 5PT on lower spreaders, spine ad leading edge + 6mm on top cross
Stand-offs: mono Gytech 3mm
Bridles: 3 point 

Recommanded ballast: 15grs