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2 kites in 1 ! It is intended for those that want to fly in a maximum number of conditions without restrictions.

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350,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

Free yourself from the elements

The Atelier team unceasingly pushes back its limits in innovation and design of kites... New hybrid model, the Plasma enters in scene for the most versatile of sessions!


"A huge range of use, covering 80% of the conditions! 


The Plasma blends 2 kites into 1: It is intended for those that want to fly in a maximum number of conditions without restrictions, or having to constantly change kites. A model that is essentially standard of medium wingspan, but equipped with a removable ventilation system, which can be implemented within a few seconds. 

The Plasma is ventilated after 4 beauforts: An additional ballast is provided in order to exploit the kites full potential, even under extreme conditions of strong and also very light wind. Finally, this new model also benefits from a simple bridle, which does not require any re-adjustment. It was conceived to be a good compromise between all levels of skill and all types of styles. 

Its flight is as much Freestyle as precision; Plasma only asks a combination of simple gestures, enabling you to achieve its full performance in its first hours of flight. The Plasma possesses a behavior without over-steer, making for easy, clean Freestyle, without sloppy tricks. Also possessing good tracking, the Plasma will give you wonderful feelings in all your endeavors of precision. The Plasma will let you come close to the performance you seek without suffering many constraints. 


Plasma... Pushing the limits must always be a pleasure.