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Slash Nitro (V3)

At the crossroads of Freestyle and Precision, Carving is born...

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460,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

A few months ago, the firsts models of Slash series came out of the workshop to do their first straight lines in Brittany, while shooting the video clip.
Today, with a "high tech" design, a perfect balance and a devastating look, the Slash is immediately placed as the reference of the range in versatility and precision.
At the crossroads of Freestyle and Precision, the Carving was born: regular speed, large wind range, control and tight cornering... These are the required ingredients for the most creative of us.
Its freestyle is of course signed by the ”Atelier Touch”:
- Extrados rotations manner "slow motion", 2 hands multi-lazy, reverse lazy, Cynic, and other sweets will be up for it.
- Intrados gliding rotations, 540, Taz, Axel take-off ...will toggle your prints and revamp your flight.

Style is a matter of speed and control. It’s up to you !

Structure: full Skyshark Nitro (STD + STRONG on top of leading edge)
Whiskers: mono G-tech 3mm
Bridle: 3 points "Y"
Ballast 15gr
Adjustable Central T
Gytech Wind Absorber
Auto-Brakable Winglet
Wingspan: 237 cm / Height: 102.5 cm / Weight: 331 grs / Max Depth: 25 cm
Optimum wind range: 8 km / h / 25 km / h
Recommended lines: Dyneema 40 kg / 90 kg Length: 30 m / 38 m