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Slash Lite

Ultralight version of the Slash.
At the crossroads of Freestyle and Precision, Carving is born...

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460,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

How to fly as best as possible developing the minimum of energy ?
This is the basic idea we are working on since the Slash’s creation. We tried to point out the minimal 
movement which allows the perfect kite handling in its window.
To do so, we worked on the technique but also on the equipment: behaviour during tricks, precision, 
dynamism and power of supports in flight path changes. 
Gathering all these qualities and skills provides a quicker progress because we are no more trapped
in a unique vision of acrobatic flying. This philosophy has led us to a technique of simplicity and 
gesture purity
Pilot experiences the sensation that everything is easy and even the worst wind is perfect, its 
motions are sober and look natural and smooth.

Structure: full Radius F
Whiskers: 2 x 3mm Gytech
Bridle: 3 points
Adjustable Central T

Wingspan: 237 cm / Height: 102.5 cm / Weight: 223 grs / Max Depth: 25 cm
Optimum wind range: 4 km /h  -  15 km /h
Recommended lines: Dyneema 45 kg / 70 kg - Length: 38 m