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Transfer xt.r

The Transfer range is the result of a long work, concentrating the savoir-faire of the brand. "Small Transfer" (xt.r) or "big Transfer" (xt.s)... and the new born, xt.z, for a freestyle with no compromise.

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400,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

Touching the perfection

The "Transfer" concept results from a transfer of thoughts, artistic as well as technical, carried out on a real material support, making it possible to approach and touch the initially estimated perfection

The wingtips of the Transfer facilitate all the figures derived from the turtle position and allow super gliding multi-lazies. 

On the back the kite remains very handy with an incredibly stable behavior. 

The bridle is the result of many experiments. It eases dynamic yo-yos and offers extraordinary possibilities for all fade-based figures like backspins. 

The semi-rigid center T connector improves the precision of the apparatus. Thanks to this custom piece the kite is in pressure even within low winds, making it much more precise. 

The design of the Transfer has been matured in parallel with the technical development of the kite. There is in the Transfer a search for technical perfection. We wanted to show that search for perfection in the appearance of the apparatus.



Wingspan: 240 cm

Wind range: 1 to 4 Bft

Sail: Icarex® + Mylar®

Bridle: 3 points + 4th "Cardon" bridle


Spreaders: Skyshark® 5PT

Leading edge: Skyshark® 5PT

Spine: Skyshark® 5PT

Standoff: microrod AVIA® 3 mm


A.P.A.® connectors

EXEL® split nocks

Flexible T connector by l'Atelier

Cover system & yo-yo stoppers by l'Atelier

Included accessories

Ballast 15 g