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Transfer xt.s

The Transfer range is the result of a long work, concentrating the savoir-faire of the brand. "Small Transfer" (xt.r) or "big Transfer" (xt.s)... and the new born, xt.z, for a freestyle with no compromise.

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430,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

Extreme versatility
Well-suited for team flying, the xt.s has a ballet/freestyle potential never reached by any kite of this size. Even if it may appear as a precision kite, it can also realize all the latest "fashion tricks", like his little brother of 240 cm, the xt.r. Yo-yos pass in one or two times, by the back or by the front. Thanks to its bigger size, all the "flat tricks" (axels, flatspins... ) are really more smooth and majestic. All the tricks derived from the lazy susan (multi-lazy, double lazy-susan, cynique cascade, multi-lazy cynique...etc.) are also more slower and much more impressive.
Sharing the same innovations as the xt.r (semi-rigid central T connector, cover-system, yo-yo stoppers, 4th bridle etc.) the Transfer xt.s becomes an extraordinary precision kite.
High precision, huge freestyle potential... with the Transfer xt.s the pilots are able to express all their creativity and skills!

Wingspan: 265 cm
Wind range: 1 to 4 Bft
Sail: Icarex® + Mylar®
Bridle: 3 points + 4th "Cardon" bridle
Spreaders: Skyshark® 7PT
Leading edge: Skyshark® 7PT
Spine: Skyshark® 7PT
Standoff: microrod AVIA® 3 mm
A.P.A.® connectors
EXEL® split nocks
Flexible T connector by l'Atelier
Cover system & yo-yo stoppers by l'Atelier
Included accessories

Ballast 20 g (2 x 10 g)