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Transfer xt.s Unleaded

The Transfer range is the result of a long work, concentrating the savoir-faire of the brand. "Small Transfer" (xt.r) or "big Transfer" (xt.s)... and the new born, xt.z, for a freestyle with no compromise.

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430,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

The Transfer xt.s in its Ultra-light version
Equipped with a lighter and more flexible structure than the "standard" Transfer xt.s, with a revised bridle adapted to the low winds, the xt.s Unleaded (Unleaded... French humour :-) becomes a pure standard of precision.
With its flexible structure it becomes smooth and constant. It breaths according to the wind and movements made by its pilot, for a "high standing" piloting comfort in low winds, in the delicate wind range just where its elder brother the xt.s reaches its limits in stability and evolution in the window.
Tricks and sequences of movements run softly and perfectly: sessions of helicopter which last long, rotations on the back and lazy suzan, rocked to the right, then to the left... All these tricks associated to straight lines, alternated by right angles and straight circles, will offer to its pilot the maxi pleasure of a pilot in absolute control.


Wingspan: 265 cm
Wind range: 0,5 to 2 Bft
Sail: Icarex® + Mylar®
Bridle: 3 points + 4th "Cardon" bridle

Spreaders: Skyshark® 3PT
Leading edge: Skyshark® 3PT
Spine: Skyshark® 3PT
Standoff: microrod AVIA® 3 mm

A.P.A.® connectors
EXEL® split nocks
Flexible T connector by l'Atelier
Cover system & yo-yo stoppers by l'Atelier

Included accessories

Ballast 5 g