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X-Masque VV

The X-Masque of high winds...

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350,00 €

Built on order, shipped within 10 up to 21 days.

Equipped with panels for Variable Ventilation (gauze and hiding parts in dacron), the X-Masque VV offers an adjustable traction according to the wind conditions of the moment (3 levels of ventilation).

The VV thus guarantees its pilot a "High Tricks" session even in steady wind, where the standard X-Masque would become too fast. 



Wingspan: 220 cm

Wind range: 2 to 6 Bft

Sail: Icarex®

Bridle: 3 points 


Spreaders: Skyshark® P300

Leading edge: 6 mm High Modulus carbon

Spine: 6 mm High Modulus carbon

Standoff: microrod AVIA® 3 mm 


A.P.A.® connectors

EXEL® split nocks

Yo-yo stoppers by l'Atelier 

Included accessories

Ballast 20 g